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Episode 424 on Monday the 26th of December, 2016. Christmas Filter Blend.

December 26, 2016
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It just wouldn't be Christmas without a Christmas blend now, would it?!

Now in its eleventh year (!!!), it's time to say hello to our Has Bean-y take on the best filter coffee you should be drinking this festive season.

This blend will only be roasted throughout the month of December so enjoy it while you can! For the first year ever we're offering our Christmas blends with all our grinding options, and also in 1 KG bags.

  • 33% Costa Rica Monte Brisas Finca Salaca Black Honey Typica.
  • 33% El Salvador Finca La Ilusion Washed Bourbon.
  • 33% Guatemala El Limon Black Honey x Natural San Ramon & Catisic.
  • 1% Reindeer Tears.

In the cup this is like sparkly snow coffee. There's lemon and white sugar with a hint of sparkling effervescence and cloudy lemonade.


Lemon, white sugar, effervescence, cloudy lemonade.